Eliminating UTIs with Elderberry Tea

Of the many infections that people struggle with every year, urinary tract infections (UTIs) are among the most common, as well as the most uncomfortable. As many people struggle with recurring UTIs, posing a great danger to creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it becomes highly important to find more natural alternatives. This is what makes elderberry tea such a valuable resource. This tantalizing herbal tea may help to not only reduce the healing time of a UTI, but might even lessen the frequency of infections, all through its own potent natural properties.

Understanding Urinary Tract Infections

graphA urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria enters the urethra and causes an infection. Because of physiological differences, women are significantly more likely to develop a UTI, but men are not exempted altogether. Generally, UTIs can be painful, but are not a serious threat on their own. However, the bacteria may be able to spread to infect the bladder, and if left unchecked, may even lead to a kidney infection, which is a serious health risk; this is why doctors encourage patients to take UTIs seriously.

Typical symptoms of a UTI include a burning sensation when urinating, pain in the lower back, a frequent urge to urinate (whether you actually need to or not), and smelly, cloudy or even bloody urine. If a fever arises, it may be a sign that the infection has reached the kidneys, and a doctor should be contacted immediately.

The Dangers of Antibiotics

While there is nothing inherently dangerous about antibiotics, they are not without risks. For one thing, antibiotics are incapable of distinguishing between the harmful bacteria causing an infection and the beneficial bacteria that lives in your digestive system and assists in the digestion of food. As a result, many people must replenish these healthy bacteria through the use of probiotics after they have completed a course of antibiotics. There is also a greater danger of antibiotics, one which is especially significant in the case of those who have frequently recurring bladder infections. If they are applied regularly, some bacteria may develop a resistance to antibiotics, creating the need for stronger doses of antibiotics and potentially giving rise to bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics altogether. Because of this, doctors are wary about using antibiotics liberally as was done in the past. Many have even begun to embrace herbs and other alternatives to help balance out the need for antibiotics.

How Elderberry Tea May Help

shutterstock_152701910For those who suffer from a UTI, elderberry tea may bring significant relief. First and foremost, elderberry tea acts as a diuretic. This is especially important, as it causes the kidneys to continually flush out their toxins and increases urination. Although this may sound unpleasant to someone with a UTI, it does help to flush out not only toxins, but bacteria. This reduces the likelihood that the infection will spread to the bladder or kidneys, and may help to shorten the duration of the infection. It also offers anti-inflammatory properties, and may thus help to reduce inflammation caused by the infection, potentially reducing the pain and burning that accompanies urination. Recent studies show that elderberry may also offer a natural antibacterial effect, which may help to eliminate the bacteria and shorten the time it takes for the infection to clear. While these studies are still in early stages, the potential is certainly worth taking a closer look at this remarkable herbal tea.